Valentine’s Day Gifts Adopt A Hive

Did you know that St Valentine, while the patron saint of lovers, is also the protector of beekeepers

Our busy little black and yellow friends are vital to our well-being, as they pollinate the plants that we grow for food, but, our Honey bees are in crisis. Their population is dwindling at an alarming rate, under attack from viruses, pesticides and mites. You can help start a new bee colony, by buying a year long, 1/12 share in a hive for only £29.99.

In return you’ll receive a special shareholder certificate, some wild flower seeds to attract more bees to your garden, and a jar of yummy honey made especially for you, by your bees as a thank you. You will also receive up dates on your hive.Adopt A Hive

Adopt-a-hive makes the perfect gift for nature lovers, keen gardeners and honey lovers everywhere. As well as being a unique present you’ll be helping to pollinate the planet and ensuring the future, not only of our little busy buddies, but also all the essential fruits and vegetables we currently enjoy.

Our apiaries are situated in various locations, within a mile of the picturesque River Ribble, in the South Ribble area of Preston. This gives our bees the opportunity to feed from the wealth of wild flowers growing along side the river, and everything that grows in the local farmers fields. By situating some of our hives in local authority allotments, our bees help local growers, by pollinating all their produce for the year. Our hives based in our local woodland, benefit from woodland flowers, and also help the local farmers, by pollinating their crops.

Each of our hives have up to 50,000 native British bees in the height of summer, going down to 10,000 during the winter months.

During the swarm season, any swarms that we collect that are not British, are re queened with a British black bee, to help save our native British colonies.They are placed into a hive, and managed to prevent re swarming.

1, Help start a new bee colony. £29.99 buys a year’s 1/12 share of a brand new hive, set up by our Head beekeeper Andy. A treat for yourself or a great gift with a difference

2, A new shareholder will immediately receive: A certificate of ownership A special pack of wild flower seeds to sow to help your local bees do their stuff Fun, rewarding, positive action – it feels good!

3, You’ll get regular updates about your colony News Letter updates from Andy the bee man. Visit your bees with a guided apiary tour (saving you £10!) Learn all about bees whatever your age

4, After harvest we’ll post you 1lb of honey Your share of September’s harvest from your colony. Our colonies are kept in our apiaries on the pastures of Lancashire and the Cuerden valley Mmmm, now that’s a tasty reward

Name on certificate 1/12 Share

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Adopt A Hive

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